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Duel Hardcore Minnow Flat 110SP

$ 319.89

Project Specs

IDTypeLength (in)Length (mm)Weight (oz)Weight (g)
R1362 Suspending 4/3/8 110 1/2 15.5

The Hardcore Minnow Flat 110SP is a flat sided suspending Jerkbait with the internationally patented Magnetic Weight Transfer System and an outstanding quick darting action. The Hardcore Minnow Flat 110SP leverages patented technology and exceptional Japanese engineering to further the proven success of the Jerkbait. All of these features are offered with a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $11.99, an awesome value for a premium Japanese hard bait!

Action: Suspending
Body: Tough and Durable Proprietary Polycarbonate Material.
Length: 4-3/8”, 110mm
Weight: 1/2 oz, 15.5g
Hardware: 3 Round Bend Black Nickel #6 Treble Hooks and Stainless Steel Black Nickel Split Rings.
Features: Premium Painted and Translucent Finishes, Magnetic Weight Transfer System
Colors: Citrus Shad, Ghost Pro Blue, Shad, Ghost Pearl Shad, Ghost Smelt, and Metallic Ghost Ayu
Depth Range: 6’, 1.5m

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